About Us

“We observe, Create, Influence”.


Monga Advertising, a competent advertising agency with a unique combination of talents and services provided under one roof, benefits you in creating public interest, in a person, idea, product, institution, or business establishment. Our advertising agency, under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Monga (Prop.), works with just one goal in mind… to help you sell more! With unbeatable marketing team and experienced designing and copy writing, we handle your work just perfectly. Creativity and the years of experience enable us to provide you with the high quality of professional graphics, corporate identities, advertisements, etc. at a very understanding price.

“Many a small things has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”
– Mark Twain

Advertising agency deals with five main aspects:

PEOPLE: What one must know is that an agency is known for the people who walk down its corridors. And for this reason we believe in attracting, nurturing, tapping and retaining the right talent.

PASSION : In advertising, there should be a tremendous sense of love and pride for what you do, as finally that particular press or the commercial is your Creation. This brings a commitment to excellence and perfection in all which the agency does for the client.

PERSUATION : This is a business of persuasion. How motivationally can we communicate, determines our clients success. Also, our clients success determines our success. We thus excel in creating novice and innovative ways of persuasion.

PROFESSIONALISM: It is to constantly practice a discipline in all that is done.

PROFIT: advertising is done with one aim in mind, to provide the clients with Profits.

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